At Storm Gym we want you to know your options upfront and we try to make our prices as simple as possible. You have a couple of options as to how you choose to pay for your training:

Pay As You Go (PAYG)

– the simplest and most flexible method is to pay each time you train. Great when you’ve had your initial free lesson and want to try out a few more classes, but eventually you’ll want to move on to a monthly pass to take advantage of membership discounts.

Kids (age 4 – 11) £5.00 each
Juniors (age 12 – 17) £6.00 each
Adults (age 18+) £8.00 each
Open mat / Fitness gym £5.00 each

Full membership

– Simply choose how many sessions you want per month i.e, 10 sessions are approximately 2 classes per week. Enjoy some huge savings over our PAYG prices and get use of our fitness gym included*. For example adult classes work out to be £2.65 per class on unlimited membership.** Full memberships require payment by monthly direct debit***

Monthly pass Includes fitness gym Kids (age 4 – 11) Juniors (age 12 – 17) Adults (age 18+)


10 sessions per month


Weekdays only


 £40.00 pm

(£4 per class)


(£5 per class)


(£5.95 per class)


15 sessions per month


Weekdays only



(£3.33 per class)


(£4 per class)


(£4.63 per class)




 £60.00 pm

(£2.95 per class)


(£2.33 per class)


(£2.65 per class)

Fitness Gym only unlimited N/A £30.00 per month £30.00 per month

* Under 16’s must be accompanied by a supervising adult in order to use fitness gym

** Monthly direct debit requires a minimum 12 month term and cancellation period will apply thereafter

*** Based on an adult taking unlimited membership to attend 25 classes per month


Personal Member Insurance 

Martial arts as with any sport involving physical contact does carry some risks and whilst our instructors are dedicated, highly trained individuals who do everything we can to minimise these risks, sometimes injuries can and do happen.  As a responsible business we do carry insurance to protect you from any errors we might make, however since our 2016 renewal our insurers now also require that all regular members protect themselves in case they were to accidentally injure another student.

We have arranged for this cover to be provided by the World Kickboxing Association (WKO) who provides this insurance on an annual renewal basis and only costs £20 for a full year.

This is required after your trial period (maximum 6 sessions) and once you complete the simple application form you will receive an official WKO licence booklet to prove your cover is in place meaning you have the peace of mind that you or your child have personal member’s insurance cover when they are training. Remember many other groups do not offer this and will instead make you sign a waiver leaving you and your child at potential risk.


Please ask a member of our team if you have any questions relating to our membership & prices and we’ll be happy to help you find the best package to suit you.