Joining the Storm Gym Family

24 Jul 2016


Lewis Bruton 2

At Storm Gym we recognise that a large part of our success is due to the Luton community we’re proud to be a part of and as such we’re always looking for new ways in which our skilled instructors can keep the community thriving. One way has been to collaborate with the University of Bedfordshire by making our top class training facilities available to their kickboxing team. We’re always keen to get feedback from our students to find out about their experiences at Storm and the impact it has on their lives. So when one of our students Lewis Bruton offered to do a blog we couldn’t have asked for more. A blog written for us like this speaks volumes.

My name is Lewis Bruton and I moved from Birmingham to Luton 8 months ago as a student at the University of Bedfordshire. When I first moved to Luton I didn’t know anyone, I didn’t have the faintest idea about the area other than its infamous reputation. Eager to meet people and make the most of my next 3 years in Luton, I signed up to the University of Bedfordshire kick boxing team who have an arrangement with Storm Gym to use their facilities. This is one of the ways that Storm Gym gets involved with the local community. After a session with the university team I signed up for a student membership at Storm Gym and was hooked after my first training session. I had tried other gyms in Luton but I found that the training offered at Storm Gym was on another level. I consider myself to have a decent level of fitness, but the session was challenging enough to make me question everything I thought I knew about my athleticism. I went home and had the best sleep ever.

I have continued to train at Storm Gym ever since and have noticed that my skills have improved greatly. I know my fitness certainly has. Since my first training session I have involved myself with Storm and have had the privilege of meeting and training with some world class fighters. I share classes with European champion K1 fighter Giannis Skordilis and was also there to witness him win the European title. I have also had the opportunity to step in the ring and do some body shot only sparring with 4x world champion K1 fighter Andrew Tate, who put me on my knees in about 20 seconds. I was well out of my league in that sparring session, but I strongly believe that to be the best you have to train with the best.

These experiences have been well worth the monthly membership fee. Amir Subasic: the man, the myth, the legend who has to be seen to be believed. He started Storm Gym in 1999 and has achieved an incredible amount since. Aside from his many professional achievements Amir Subasic has made improving the reputation of Luton his personal passion project by showing the rest of the UK that Luton at its heart is a multicultural home to many good people. Storm Gym isn’t just for advanced fighters. There is such a range of people from all backgrounds, demographics, and fitness levels mixed together in each class. The members and trainers work together to encourage each and every person to achieve, if not surpass, their personal goals. Storm Gym focuses greatly on its children, also known as “Mini Storm Troopers.” Storm Gym develops these kids not only in their martial arts technique, but in respect and discipline and actively takes interest in the children’s lives outside of the gym. Amir and the trainers encourage them to do well in school and have a mantra that the Mini Storm Troopers are the best in and outside of the ring. It is a privilege to witness people actually take action to improve their community rather than just sit back and complain about the current state of society.

Lewis Bruton 1Being a Sports Therapy student it is incredibly important for me to get as much experience to supplement my degree as possible. Storm Gym has been supportive and has helped me gain experience by allowing me to offer my professional skills to its fighters. I never imagined that in my first year I would have the opportunity to perform sports massage on a European champion fighter to help prepare him for an upcoming fight. The members of Storm Gym have a strong bond and truly are a family, one that has made me feel at home and has developed me as a person. For this I would like to personally thank Amir Subasic, Paul Lonergan, Matt Anderton and Roy Lewis. So to anyone who has moved to Luton and wants to see its real heart, as well as achieve their personal development and fitness goals, get down to Storm Gym and become part of Storm Family.


A huge thank you to Lewis for this candid insight. Keep up the good training!

Storm Gym, Luton