Nemesis Gym Interclub – 6th Dec 2015

08 Dec 2015


Nemisis Interclub 1Interclubs are a huge part to the social side of the fight community. They’re all about supporting other fight clubs, gaining experience and meeting new people who share our passion for martial arts. Our trainers dedicate their free time and attend many interclubs throughout the year so our students have the best opportunities available to build on their techniques and skills. Here Matt Anderton speaks openly of how our students got on at Nemesis Gym Interclub.

Report by Matt Anderton

So, while the regular coaching staff for the mini Storm Fight team were away, I was asked to corner for this interclub in Kent. It always make’s me nervous cornering an established team with established coaches, even though we are all one team as coaches we traditionally have different remits, styles and over time build a rapport and trust with our fighters, so it can be difficult to step in as a replacement and try to deliver what each fighter needs from their corner during the heat of battle.

First up for Storm was Lilly Dodson-Finn, Lilly is still get over a horrible cold (even managed to cough several times during the fight) nice controlled and measured performance by Lilly, listened between rounds and made the adjustments needed to improve round upon round. She came out in round 3 and literally did everything we asked. Well done Lilly, really impressed.

Nemesis Interclub 4Next up was Salia, she fought someone bigger (much bigger and way more experienced than her) but that did not phase her one bit, she stuck to the game plan, moved really well and was spot on. To the point of other coaches coming up afterwards to say she did really well! Great performance and with not even one consideration for how big her opponent was!

Then we had Rehaan, I am told that it is his best performance to date. I can’t comment on that but I can say, wow! Well done young man. Skill and heart is never to be underestimated. Really impressed.

Nemesis Interclub 2Lilly Lawless Cook to the stage next, massively impressed, we wanted pressure from her and she did that to perfection. Overwhelmed her opponent to the point she had to ease up. Lawless was relentless!!

To finish with was Bailie, she matched against a gall girl who in the first round took it to Bailie. Bailie measured what she was up against and did beautifully in rounds 2 & 3. Working behind her very hand handwork and mixing it all together. Bailie gets better every time I watch her.

So all who took part in today’s interclub were sixteen or younger and faced challenges that I’ve seen grown men fall short in overcoming……themselves!!!

Win lose or draw, it’s never been about that for me, it’s about the measure of the person we are and all I can say is this…… our storm gym mini troopers measure of the highest standard! I left today as a humbled person.

Thank you to you all.


Storm Gym, Luton