I have never done any martial arts before. Do you have classes for beginners?


Absolutely. Beginners come to us all the time. All our classes are designed to take an absolute beginner through to the highest levels. We all have to start somewhere.

What are the classes like?


Classes vary each week. They will incorporate a warm up mixed with stretching, bag/pad work, technical drills, shadow boxing plus strength & conditioning work. For those who wish to spar, this is available at most intermediate/advanced classes.

How fit do I need to be for your classes?


We teach people of all fitness levels. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you need to get fit before you start! The best way to get fit for Martial Arts is to train Martial Arts. Go at your own pace do as much as you can manage and as you get fitter we will encourage you to push yourself further.


What level are the classes?


Lessons are designed to cater for all levels and abilities. Our minimum age requirement is four years old (subject to the instructor’s discretion).

Can I try a class before I decide to sign up?


Yes, we love it when people come by to check us out and we offer a free first class to everyone who stops in. Come see how we train and what we are all about!

Will I lose weight/tone up?


You may have tried every diet in the book, but most of us now understand that there’s no substitute for sensible eating and regular exercise. Martial arts programmes have been hugely successful in the last 20 years in helping men and women to lose weight and achieve their dream body shapes.

What clothing should I wear, and do I need to bring anything with me?


We recommend wearing a T-Shirt with shorts or tracksuit bottoms. Please do not wear anything with zips as this can damage the mats. As you are likely to work up a sweat, bring a towel and another top to change into for your journey home. The training is barefoot so you don’t need any particular type of shoes.

Do women train at Storm Gym?


Of course Storm Gym is a great, safe, and friendly learning environment for both, male and female students.  We have a great group of female students and dedicated ladies only classes.

What equipment do I need to train?


You don’t need anything to start but if you want to continue you will need to consider getting your own equipment. Here are some lists of items that you would eventually need for regular training. But don’t panic there’s no need to rush out and buy everything at once and we are on hand to offer you any advice you need.


K1 kick boxing/ Muay Thai MMA
1.  Clothes (t-shirt/sweatshirt & kick boxing shorts/trousers)

2.  Boxing gloves

3.  Boxing hand wraps

4.  Gum Shield

5.  Groin Guard

6. Shin guards

1. Clothes (ideally a rash guard under t-shirt/sweatshirt top & shorts)

2. MMA Gloves

3. Gum Shield

4. Groin Guard

5. MMA Shin Guards

What do I need to spar?


In order to Spar you must have your annual insurance and protection equipment (mouth guard, groin guard, shin and instep guards, hand wraps) plus your gloves need to be Leather Sparring Gloves (14 or 16oz only) for MMA you will need Leather 7oz MMA gloves. I you need any help or advice on equipment just ask the instructor or on reception.

Do I have to fight?


No, not unless you decide you want to. Many of our students train for fitness only or because they enjoy the classes and there is no shame in not wanting to compete.

I am interested in competing. What should I do?


We’re fortunate to have had many students train to compete at Storm Gym over the years and we can help you weather you are training for your first interclub or your 16th world title. Please speak to our chief instructor Amir about competing.

Should I try one of the Martial Arts classes that you offer at a time or should I take many of them simultaneously?


It’s completely up to you, many of the disciplines we teach cross over and complement other styles of martial arts such as MMA or you might simply prefer one type over another. We suggest you try them out and decide how you want to mix & match.

How do I start?


Simple!  Come on in to the gym and take a free trial class.  Check out our timetable here.

Got a question that wasn’t answered on this page? Give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help.