We offer additional classes to enhance and maintain the skills and fitness levels required for marital arts training or simply to increase and maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.
For adults and juniors who want group training without the martial arts join our running club, gym fit class or challenge your fitness levels and beat your goals with the help of a dedicated personal trainer.
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  • MMA – a full-contact combat sport that allows the use of both striking and grappling.
  • Fitness – get a healthy mind, body, and spirit to allow you to maximize your potential.
  • Muay Thai –  or Thai Boxing developed to utilise the entire body as a weapon.
  • K1 – a kickboxing platform and martial arts brand well-known worldwide.
  • Wrestling – the activity of grappling an opponent to hold them down on the ground.
  • Boxing – the practice of fighting with the fists, especially with padded gloves.
  • Self Defence – the defence of one’s person or interests .

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